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Dinosaur Skull Pendant With Kinetic Jaw

Oct 03 2014 0 Comments alternative jewellery biker jewellery biker jewelry dinosaur pendant dinosaur skull pendant goth jewellery gothic jewellery jewellery for men mens jewellery skull pendant steel pendant

Badboy Jewellery are excited to present our newest pendant design! A chunky and fearsome dinosaur skull pendant. Click here to view this pendant in our store. This is an awesome pendant, which is highly detailed and crafted in stainless steel with polished and oxidised finishes. This pendant is very large and would be a real statement piece for a man or a lady. One of our favourite features of this design is that the jaw is kinetic, with anatomically correct and sharp teeth. The bale is large enough to fit most of our chains and this piece looks best on...

Thor's Hammer Pendant - Mjölnir made in Stainless Steel

Aug 26 2014 0 Comments biker jewellery biker jewelry goth jewellery gothic jewellery hammer pendant mens pendant mjolnir mjolnir pendant skull jewellery skull pendant thor's hammer

This is a spectacular Thor's Hammer pendant design. With a highly detailed style, crafted in stainless steel. The piece has a dragon's head at the top with the hammer, which is decorated with celtic knot designs in it's mouth. The dimensions are - Length - 44mm, Width - 30mm, Thickness - 9mm. An awesome design that's sure to be noticed!

Skeleton on Moon Celtic Biker Pendant - Badboy Jewellery

Aug 05 2014 1 Comment biker jewellery biker jewelry gothic jewellery jewellery for men mens pendant skeleton pendant skull jewellery skull pendant steel pendant

Skeleton on Moon Celtic Biker Pendant This is an excellent mens biker pendant, the design is of a grinning skeleton, clinging on to the moon, which is decorated with intricate Celtic knot patterns. The piece is highly detailed, crafted in stainless steel and has a substantial size and weight, measuring approximately 55mm in length, 50mm wide and 14mm thick. The pendant clasp which has a skull design is large enough to fit on the vast majority of gents chains or necklaces. Definitely an awesome and original design that really makes a statement and is sure to be noticed. Click Here to...

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